Sunday, November 20, 2005

Make no small demands: the INURA

INURA ( International Network of Urban Research and Action ) is a network of people involved in action and research in localities and cities. There goals are herculean - to disempower the current global players, and make profits in neoliberal terms, unsustainable. The Network consists of activists and researchers from community and environmental groups, universities, and local administrations, who wish to share experineces and to participate in common research. Examples of the issues that Network members are involved in include: major urban renewal projects, the urban periphery, community-led environmental schemes, urban traffic and transport, inner city labour markets, do-it-yourself culture, and social housing provision. In each case, the research is closely tied to, and is a product of, local action and initiative. There are many architects and planners connected to this world wide project.


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