Tuesday, November 08, 2005


Building More, Wanting Less : architects searching for relevance, one person, and one small project at a time, is a forth coming book inspired by the over 1 billion left over people in our world. These people inhabit the fringes of our society; squatters, slums, or the displaced, claim the left over spaces. Here is a book that brings their poverty to our reality and the architects that are working on this global crisis. Their idea is simple; build shelter out of left over material. There is enough for everyone. It is also a call for submissions send them your work or project that find relevance in architecture that help the poor.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

this is great! I wish that more architects would care about the people more than about their design. This project is realy made to reach out. I met personally, one of activist architects - Santiago Cirugeda, I was excited to see what he achieved and that laws are made to challenge them.

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